HellaFlush, Stanced, Slammed, and all the other dirty words

I have always been interested in cars but recently I’ve grown a liking to the “slammed” look. “Slammed” being a car that is heavily modified suspension-wise so that it can sit as low to the ground while still maintaining driveability. My dreams of having the fastest car on the block are now outnumbered. Stance is my new love. Stretched tires, fat lips, and wild colorways are here to stay. Stay tuned for a vinyl sticker project coming soon.


Life Under Construction. Will Return Soon.

New Birro the Clown 3” Dunny

Credit: www.kidrobot.com

Birro the Clown is inspired by an artist piece hand-crafted for the series, “Most Wanted: Artist Series 2” – a collective and custom Dunny series project curated by several Kidrobot Forums members, featuring some of the most sought after up-and-coming artists and customizers from around the globe.

From Mexican artist, Chauskoskis, comes Birro the Clown – a 3-inch Dunny who is sippin’ on more than juice. The artist, who grew up with a pencil in one hand and clay in the other, is known in the vinyl community for his unique style and crazy characters. Full of color and personality, Birro is all of the things clown nightmares are made of. With his big red nose, suspenders, and green transparent bottle accessory, he’ll ruin any birthday party! Get one for your next soiree or your collection, and hurry – only 1,000 of this deviant are available.

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Twitter creator Ev Williams and Obey’s Shepard Fairey come together to stop online censorship

As most of you guys know already online censorship is a hot topic as of lately. There are tons of people trying to put a stop to the censorship as you have probably  seen recently on some of your favorite websites. One of the more interesting forces to be reckoned with is the unlikely partnership between Shepard Fairey and Ev Williams. These two have quite the history when it comes to an online presence, Ev Williams being the creator of Twitter, and in more recent news, Shepard Fairey’s debacle with the Associated Press. For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Fairey is being put on trial for use of a photo that was stolen from the Associated Press that was later used as a “reference” for his infamous “Hope” campaign depicting President Barack Obama. Fairey recently plead guilty to using the photo and also destroying pertinent evidence to his case.


Williams and Fairey are coming together to create an online protest created by viewer submitted photos of themselves in the “censorship” pose which can be seen here.


The plan is to display the photos in major cities around the world to spread awareness and put a stop to online censorship. If you are interested in joining the cause or want more information you can visit their site at www.weaponsofmousedestruction.org 

Photo Credit: Greg Ferenstein

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Footnotes- an inside look at the sneaker collections of professional skateboarders

Professional skateboarders are not only blessed with their supernatural abilities on their boards. They are also subjected to free product and corporate sponsorships from companies like Nike and Lakai. I wanted to mention these two brands because they are the major focus in the short video series on the Berrics titled, “Footnotes.” There are a handful of pro skaters that they spotlight, but I want to share with you all the sneaker collection of Eric Koston in particular. If you are unfamiliar with Eric Koston he is one of the top dogs in skateboarding right now along with big names like Tony Hawk. He pioneered street skating into what it is today in the late 90′-early 2000″ with epic skate parts such as “Yeah, Right” and “The Lakai video. Even if you aren’t a fan of skateboarding I recommend you check out theberrics.com. This is the world’s most visited skateboarding website, in which Eric is one of the co-founders. Eric Koston has transcended the lines between professional skateboarding into fashion oriented, sports enthusiast influenced shoe designs. He provides insight to the evolution of  skate shoes and his process of evolving the skate shoe into what it is today. So without further adieu, here is the sneaker collection of Eric Koston.

Eric Koston Part 2

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Credit: Andy Boxall

If you happen to be visiting the CeBIT show this week, then you could have your portrait drawn by a robot, which has been programmed to replicate the experience of visiting a street artist.

For this industrial robot, each day was the normally exactly the same as the last, until by chance someone discovered an amazing and hitherto untapped talent. Now, just like in the movies, this robot has rocketed into stardom and is enjoying its 15-minutes of fame.

Here’s what the ‘bot can do: With a digital camera mounted on its arm, it snaps its subject’s picture, then by using edge-processing software converts that person’s face into co-ordinates, ready to be transferred to paper. Equipped with a pencil, the robot proceeds to draw a line-based portrait.

Once the masterpiece is finished, it’s picked up and proudly displayed to onlookers, before being erased ready to start the next picture. This is quite different to this robot’s regular job, which involves testing degrees of light reflection on safety equipment.

Now, having escaped the confines of the lab, the robot can be found drawing its pictures on the Fraunhofer Institute’s stand at the CeBIT show in Germany, and was developed by artists and scientists in the Robotlab at the Center for Art and Media.

As proud as the robot looks as it shows-off the completed work, not all its subjects have been pleased with the final result. Despite being equipped with the ability to ignore some imperfections that could stop the picture from looking realistic — tiny lines around the eyes for example — it’s still a robot, and flattery doesn’t come into the equation. Therefore it records each and every laugh-line and wrinkle it’s able to see, and can’t choose to emphasize striking features which normally make pictures look more natural. What it sees is very much what you get.

Described as “an interface between art, science and technology” by one of the scientists involved in the project, the actual drawing process has been slowed down to around ten minutes, in order to more closely resemble the experience of visiting a street artist in Monmatre, France.

Being very big and very orange, the robot would certainly standout should it ever work along those cobbled streets.

Robot to become next street artist

University now offering zombie apocalypse course

Michigan State University is taking on the zombie threat.

The School of Social Work is offering an online course called “Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse – Catastrophes and Human Behavior.”

The seven-week course starts May 14. The university says students will learn how human behavior and nature change after catastrophes, both historical and hypothetical.

The course will combine traditional coursework, online forums and a catastrophic event simulation of a zombie pandemic.

The university says the two-credit course will include aspects of anthropology, sociology and geology.

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Ryno a.k.a one wheeled motorcycle?

New transportation vehicle uses only one wheel, offering improved maneuverability and space saving design

Vinyl bear toy

My latest drawing:

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