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East coast skaters rip harder

Living and skating on the east coast is rough. Cracks everywhere, salt and sand clogging up bearings, and rough pavement. I thought this photo was a good representation of all the above, and why east coast skateboarders have to work much harder to get tricks than our shredders on the west coast.

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“If you commit suicide here, bears will poop on your corpse”

This is one of the many signs in the Aokigahara forest in Japan where hundreds of people have gone to end their lives. Just like the title states it reads “If you commit suicide here, bears will poop on your corpse.” On any given day you can walk through the forest and see corpses hanging from trees. Creepy.

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Hot Blood vinyl stickers

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Hot Blood is a clothing project that I’ve been working on for the past year or so. I’ve created a few products but I want to start off small with this set of stickers that will be printed soon. My plan is to hit up local skate spots and leave a few of these as my way of telling these fun ruiners to “loosen up” with their ridiculous skate stoppers.

Comments/Criticism welcome

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Art. Meet Auto.

The Obey clothing brand is awesome and so are slammed Mazda Miatas. This is  what happens when you bring them together. More pics to come.

Enjoy. obey center console.....WHAAAT

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Some more fresh ink

Another raw ass tattoo

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New catcher in the rye themed tattoo

fresh ink!

This is my brother's catcher in the rye themed tattoo after his first session.

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