My Vinyl Toy

Vinyl toys are hot hot hot nowadays and I want to become a creator and not just an admirer. I’ve had an idea for a line of children’s toys for over a year now and I recently took the time to put my ideas on to paper with a few sketches. The first one shown below is my idea for a dragon shaped children’s toy that will double as a tissue box. I wanted to keep the shape simple as I wanted it to have a universal shape that anyone can design with ease. The head will tilt back and reveal a secret object, a tissue box in this case. Red tissues will simulate fire coming from the dragon’s mouth.

One part of the line of toys that I’m not quite sure about yet is whether or not I want to make the limbs and heads interchangeable with other toys in the line. What do you guys think?

I have taken the drawing and submitted it to Creative Marketing Group in Stamford, CT to see if there are any market opportunities for my ideas. More to come.

Comments and Criticism encouraged and welcomed.


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