Twitter creator Ev Williams and Obey’s Shepard Fairey come together to stop online censorship

As most of you guys know already online censorship is a hot topic as of lately. There are tons of people trying to put a stop to the censorship as you have probably  seen recently on some of your favorite websites. One of the more interesting forces to be reckoned with is the unlikely partnership between Shepard Fairey and Ev Williams. These two have quite the history when it comes to an online presence, Ev Williams being the creator of Twitter, and in more recent news, Shepard Fairey’s debacle with the Associated Press. For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Fairey is being put on trial for use of a photo that was stolen from the Associated Press that was later used as a “reference” for his infamous “Hope” campaign depicting President Barack Obama. Fairey recently plead guilty to using the photo and also destroying pertinent evidence to his case.


Williams and Fairey are coming together to create an online protest created by viewer submitted photos of themselves in the “censorship” pose which can be seen here.


The plan is to display the photos in major cities around the world to spread awareness and put a stop to online censorship. If you are interested in joining the cause or want more information you can visit their site at 

Photo Credit: Greg Ferenstein

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