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Banksy- a street genius


Banksy is an unidentified graffiti artist from the UK who turns out amazing projects like these. He has a dark sense of humor that offends some and impresses others. Either way he is one of the biggest names in the underground art scene and shows no sign of slowing down.

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Street artist to make $200 million from Facebook!


David Choe is a street graffiti artist that is based out of Los Angeles, California who will soon be worth millions because of a wise business decision he made years ago. The Facebook team offered him either payment or stock in the company in exchange for mural paintings in their new California offices. Choe chose the latter.

Facebook is soon to announce their IPO (initial public offering) and when that happens Choe’s stock will be valued at $200 million. Not bad for someone who was homeless graffiti artist.

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Hot Blood vinyl stickers

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Hot Blood is a clothing project that I’ve been working on for the past year or so. I’ve created a few products but I want to start off small with this set of stickers that will be printed soon. My plan is to hit up local skate spots and leave a few of these as my way of telling these fun ruiners to “loosen up” with their ridiculous skate stoppers.

Comments/Criticism welcome

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New catcher in the rye themed tattoo

fresh ink!

This is my brother's catcher in the rye themed tattoo after his first session.

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