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So I was looking through some of my old photos and….

This is a gallery of photos that were taken when I went to the Hot Import Nights car show in New York a few years ago. The pictures are lackluster at best but there are some incredible cars here to make up for my shitty photography. I was impressed with most of the cars there and to make things better, they even had a drift demo going on with a mazda miata and a nissan skyline. This skyline was rippin it pretty hard and eventually ripped it a little too hard and smashed into one of the barriers. That’s what I consider fast and furious. Real cars drifting and smashin their shit up. 

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2012 Acura NSX Superbowl commercial

Everyone is going to be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday whether it’s for the game itself or for the entertaining commercials. Either way your going to see the new Acura NSX commercial featuring Jerry Seinfeld. This is very exciting news to Honda lovers but keep in mind it is still a concept vehicle.

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SLAM’D photo shoot with Subaru wrx and Mazda miata!!!

So this is my first attempt at a car photo shoot. I have a LOT to learn about shooting photos but you gotta start somewhere right?  I have a d3000 and i’m still learning the basics of photography.  With that said, these photos are of a Subaru wrx and Mazda miata. Both cars are absolutely slammed to the ground and look amazing. I just wish I could capture this in better quality photos. Well, better luck next time I guess.



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Art. Meet Auto.

The Obey clothing brand is awesome and so are slammed Mazda Miatas. This is  what happens when you bring them together. More pics to come.

Enjoy. obey center console.....WHAAAT

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