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NYC Part Dos

So as night fell upon us, we made our way to Spring Street to check out the boutiques and whatnot. Unfortunately for us we were there on a Sunday and most of the stores were closing and I only managed to snap a few pics of the outside of the stores. The one store that I did manage to check out was Premium Laces NYC which has the best Supra selection that I have ever seen. If you are unfamiliar with Supra go to their site and stop missing out on the latest trends in footwear. Go there now. I’ll wait.

Moving on, the sticker game out there in New york is pretty dope and there are a few pictures below that I thought were worth sharing. Although they were pretty cool I still think NYC could do better. Next time I go up there I’ll be sure to bring some Hot Blood (my clothing brand) stickers to change it up a little. Anyone else ever seen any good sticker jobs in NYC? Let me know, i’m trying to brainstorm some ideas!

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SLAM’D photo shoot with Subaru wrx and Mazda miata!!!

So this is my first attempt at a car photo shoot. I have a LOT to learn about shooting photos but you gotta start somewhere right?  I have a d3000 and i’m still learning the basics of photography.  With that said, these photos are of a Subaru wrx and Mazda miata. Both cars are absolutely slammed to the ground and look amazing. I just wish I could capture this in better quality photos. Well, better luck next time I guess.



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Hot Blood’s “never forget” tee


This is the Hot Blood “never forget” tee. The graphic was created after learning about the death of a fellow student. Elephants never forget and neither will our classmates.

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East coast skaters rip harder

Living and skating on the east coast is rough. Cracks everywhere, salt and sand clogging up bearings, and rough pavement. I thought this photo was a good representation of all the above, and why east coast skateboarders have to work much harder to get tricks than our shredders on the west coast.

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Hot Blood vinyl stickers

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Hot Blood is a clothing project that I’ve been working on for the past year or so. I’ve created a few products but I want to start off small with this set of stickers that will be printed soon. My plan is to hit up local skate spots and leave a few of these as my way of telling these fun ruiners to “loosen up” with their ridiculous skate stoppers.

Comments/Criticism welcome

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