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Polar bears, Shake Shack, and Hipsters. Only in New York! (pt. 1)

New York City, the city so nice they named it twice. Very cheesy but it is one of the most interesting cities in the world with a lot to offer. My trip started by taking the metro north train in New Haven to the Grand Central Terminal in New York. The two hour train ride left me feeling pretty hungry so I grabbed a bite to eat at Tri-Tips, a restaurant in the lower level of the train station. Food was great and even had some company from a GIANT cockroach. Welcome to New York right?

From the station we (my girlfriend and I) took the subway to the Bronx zoo. I wish I could be more detailed but on which subways I took throughout the day but my knowledge of the New York subway system is non existent and downright embarrassing. Anyways, there were a few attractions closed due to the cold weather but it was still a good turnout. I was there to see some bears and fortunately enough there was a polar bear and brown bear exhibit. The polar bear had no qualms about putting on a show for the audience but the brown bears kept their distance at the top of the hill/mountain in their existence. The polar bear had a whimsical child like demeanor while splashing around with his inflatable ball. Along with the bears there were also some monkeys, gazelles, and giraffes to name a few. With that said, here are some pics that I took.

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