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Footnotes- an inside look at the sneaker collections of professional skateboarders

Professional skateboarders are not only blessed with their supernatural abilities on their boards. They are also subjected to free product and corporate sponsorships from companies like Nike and Lakai. I wanted to mention these two brands because they are the major focus in the short video series on the Berrics titled, “Footnotes.” There are a handful of pro skaters that they spotlight, but I want to share with you all the sneaker collection of Eric Koston in particular. If you are unfamiliar with Eric Koston he is one of the top dogs in skateboarding right now along with big names like Tony Hawk. He pioneered street skating into what it is today in the late 90′-early 2000″ with epic skate parts such as “Yeah, Right” and “The Lakai video. Even if you aren’t a fan of skateboarding I recommend you check out theberrics.com. This is the world’s most visited skateboarding website, in which Eric is one of the co-founders. Eric Koston has transcended the lines between professional skateboarding into fashion oriented, sports enthusiast influenced shoe designs. He provides insight to the evolution of  skate shoes and his process of evolving the skate shoe into what it is today. So without further adieu, here is the sneaker collection of Eric Koston.

Eric Koston Part 2

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