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New Birro the Clown 3” Dunny

Credit: www.kidrobot.com

Birro the Clown is inspired by an artist piece hand-crafted for the series, “Most Wanted: Artist Series 2” – a collective and custom Dunny series project curated by several Kidrobot Forums members, featuring some of the most sought after up-and-coming artists and customizers from around the globe.

From Mexican artist, Chauskoskis, comes Birro the Clown – a 3-inch Dunny who is sippin’ on more than juice. The artist, who grew up with a pencil in one hand and clay in the other, is known in the vinyl community for his unique style and crazy characters. Full of color and personality, Birro is all of the things clown nightmares are made of. With his big red nose, suspenders, and green transparent bottle accessory, he’ll ruin any birthday party! Get one for your next soiree or your collection, and hurry – only 1,000 of this deviant are available.

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Dunny to be sold for $25,000-$30,000

So I told you guys the other day that I would be posting photos of Jeremy Madl painting a 4′ Dunny at Foxwoods casino. Unfortunately, he had already finished the entire Dunny by the time that I got there on Saturday. The Dunny looked amazing on display and after talking to one of the guys that was working the event I found out that their plan is to keep the Dunny on display somewhere in the casino and eventually sell it for  $25,000-$30,000! Jeremy deserves whatever cut he gets from the sale because he was a very down to earth and family oriented guy with the gift of design. He even took the time to sign and draw custom Dunnys for everyone who waited patiently in line. He drew a three eyed creature on my Raffy with his MAD signature on the side. I talked to him about his hobbies outside of design and he said his newest hobby is building guns. A pretty wildcard answer but cool nonetheless. So, on to the photos. Hope you like them!


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